Alternatives to cash abroad

Having cards with you definitely makes sense. Whether it is a Maestro, credit or postfinance card plays a subordinate role. I take two cards with me. One on a man or woman and one in a hotel room in a safe or hiding place as a reserve. But I would not withdraw cash too often. As a rule, high expenses are incurred when withdrawing cash. If you withdraw cash at an ATM, you should again withdraw less often, but larger amounts. It is best if the card is used for direct payment in a restaurant or clothing store.

When paying abroad with a card, you can usually choose whether to pay in local currency or in Swiss francs. As a rule of thumb, always pay in the local currency.

If you want your travel money insured, you can purchase a Travel Cash card. However, this must also be ordered in advance, which takes a few working days. But credit cards are also generally “insured” today – as long as it is proven that you are not responsible for card misuse. However, depending on the country or type of holiday, a replacement can take several days.

I personally always buy euros in Switzerland. When I travel to Asia, I take CHF with me or buy US dollars in Switzerland and change them locally into the local currencies. Swiss francs and especially US dollars can be changed almost everywhere. In some cases you can even pay directly in USD. Relatively larger “purchases” I pay locally with the Maestro or credit card.

Change money for the trip

The credit card can be used almost anywhere in the world – and yet we usually feel safer when we have some cash in our pockets. This is especially true for your holiday. When it is worthwhile to exchange money in advance and what else you need to pay attention to, we have collected here for you!

Change money: Sensible?

Change money in Germany before going on holiday abroad? What used to be common, is now moving more and more into the background. The reason for this is not only the introduction of the uniform euro currency; the often worldwide payment option by credit card also ensures that you can start your holiday calmly even without much cash.

The opinion to travel with enough cash for a few days or even the whole holiday is often refuted. The exchange rate is lower in the destination country and even some customs regulations can put a spoke in the wheel for the cash traveller. But is that really the case?

Not all the time! Despite all the counterarguments, it is still advisable in some countries to arrive with at least some cash. Especially holiday destinations where the supply of sufficient ATMs is in doubt should not be visited completely without cash. This is especially true if the airport of arrival is rather small and in all probability has no exchange office – but for example a taxi ride to the accommodation is unavoidable. Visit if you need tips for travel money for your holiday!

Before your holiday

The exchange of money in Germany can bring savings. Especially if the target country is a so-called hard currency country. These are countries with little exchange rate fluctuations and a low inflation rate. So countries with a quite stable currency. An example of a destination with a hard currency is the USA. Savings with the change locally are unlikely, thus why not already prepared with US Dollar into the airplane board?

As a rule of thumb, one third of the travel budget is usually mentioned for the exchange of money in advance. For this, it should be roughly calculated how much money is needed on holiday. Especially when booking a package tour, this can be overlooked quite well. Otherwise, a small statement of costs, which includes items such as accommodation, travel and planned activities, will help. The third of the budget determined in such a way is then exchanged in the apron in Germany against the national currency of the goal country.

Where to change the money?

As a rule, you can change money at any major bank in Germany. But be aware of the longer waiting times. As a rule of thumb, the more exotic the currency, the longer it takes to obtain it. You will probably have to wait less time for British pounds than for Sri Lanka rupees. Depending on the destination, it is therefore worthwhile to request the required money well in advance of your holiday. Look at it positively: Thus you do not spend the cash put aside for the change for something else and provide for a filled travel cash up to the vacation start!

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