Eight Things Every Beginner Should Know About Ouija Boards

The Ouija board has all 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9 and also words indeed, no, possibly, as well as farewell. The initial board was designed in Maryland, circa 1890, by Charles Kennard.

The Ouija has actually constantly interested people. It is made use of to communicate with spirits or create psychic capabilities. Yet it is dangerous, specifically if you call a spirit that you perceive to be evil or know nothing about. All the same, try not to be scared of it, as it can help you get in touch with your subconscious.

If you speak to a spirit, discover that, where, how they passed away, all inquiries will certainly offer you a suggestion if it is a good or negative suggestion to proceed your interaction with the spirit. Yet, certainly, also the spiritual beings are capable of existing.

It is best to examine their answers at your public library or online if they were stars (professional dancers, authors etc). If you are accompanied with a team of close friends that are attempting to interact with a spirit of whom some of them may have known when it remained in it’s earthly body, we need to ask particular inquiries that only the spirit recognizes the solution in it’s previous earthly life.

Remember that you must always understand what and also that are the spirits. If all details from the spirit are confirmed, you are then complimentary to be touching them once more.

One more thing you must remember. Do not ask foolish concerns such as “what happens if I do not pass the test tomorrow?” or “When will I die?” Some spirits feed on our anxiety, and provide all the solutions that will leave you frightened as well as disturbed. Check out more awesome tips about halloween via the link.


  • Limit the experiment to 3 hrs per week or you might come to be addicted and as a result a slave to certain spirits.
  • Cast the Circle prior to the session and close as soon as the session has actually completed. If you are a practising Christian, keep a rosary close by.
  • Don’t ever leave the planchette (message sign) on the board when not in use. If it goes to all four corners on the board or constantly makes a figure, this shows that you have actually called a fiend. In these situations, promptly flip the planchette inverted and utilize it by doing this.
  • If you really feel the session becoming progressively harmful, bid farewell and also instantly place the board up.
  • If you want to remove your board, DO NOT BURN IT! Initially, break the board into 7 components as well as spray with holy/consecrated water and afterwards hide it.
  • It’s OKAY to create a homemade ouija board, which will certainly function equally as well, possibly even much better, since it would be loaded with your own power! Select a wood like birch or oak.
  • A good sized board procedures at fifteen by twenty inches as well as a minimum of a quarter inch thick to withstand bending.
  • Sand, tarnish as well as letter your board then coat with varnish or enamel. Do not hesitate to embellish it with photos of sunlight, moons, stars or pentagrams. After that, develop the planchette out of timber or clear plastic. If you want to use a glass or a cup instead, do not forget to hold the glass or mug over a candle-lit flame before each session.

Did you recognize …

That the Ouija Board was really developed as a game? Nevertheless, because of the many reported cases of undesirable and also “unexplained” experiences, several countries have actually outlawed the sale of Ouijas.

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