Design Ideas for you Garden

Lawn in the middle, hedge at the edge and some flower beds in between? The garden can look like this – but it doesn’t have to. With a little creativity and work you can turn your garden into an oasis of peace, where you can recharge your batteries for everyday life, a natural paradise for animals or a playground for the whole family. We will show you 10 inspirations for the design of your garden.

Natural garden

In a natural garden, wild plants and animals feel at home as well as people. Choose native plants that have grown naturally in the region for centuries and provide food for many insects. The best way to do this is to use ecological building materials such as natural stone and gravel for sidewalks and boundaries and fertilise only with compost instead of chemicals. Garden maintenance is reduced to a minimum, such as pruning. In addition: With a natural garden, you can leave the maintenance to nature itself!

Modern garden

Modern garden design is based on straight lines and simplicity. In a quadrangular garden, further quadrangular elements can be found. For example, a small pond in the middle, surrounded by concrete slabs or wood, or even a large pond, divided into two halves by a sidewalk. The furnishings are minimalist. When planning your garden, rely on individual green plants, which you can give a geometric appearance with hedge trimmers in the form of a cone or ball, for example.

Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean garden is your holiday paradise at home. Warm natural stone and terracotta pots will transport you to Tuscany. Plant cypresses, lemon trees and other Mediterranean plants and grow fragrant Provencal herbs such as thyme and lavender. Table tops or wall decorations decorated with colourful mosaic stones bring a touch of Moorish Andalusia to your terrace.

Japanese Garden

In hardly any other country has horticulture experienced such an elevation to an art form as in Japan. All elements are perfectly matched to a harmonious overall picture. Create a carp pond with a curved bridge and use Japanese plants such as red fan maple and bamboo. Decorative elements such as stone lanterns round off the design. If the garden is large enough, click here to set up a Japanese pavilion as a cosy retreat.

Zen garden

In Zengarten, everything is geared towards minimalism. Plants are only used very sparsely. Gravel represents water that flows around small islands of stone and green plants. For the border you use trees like Japanese pine and moss. A single magnolia or azalea creates a great colour effect.


The rock garden recreates the rough world of the high mountains with boulders, stones and gravel. It is ideal for gardens on slopes and narrow green areas. Alpine plants such as alpine carnations, bellflowers, cloves and gentian thrive here, transforming your garden into a fragrant mountain meadow from spring onwards.

Romantic Garden

A romantic garden is the perfect retreat from everyday stress: a pergola overgrown with roses, in which you place a garden bench or a table with two chairs, and an abundance of blooming flowers in all the colours of the rainbow simply belong to it. The design should be rather flowing, playful and a little confusing – because when is love straightforward and simple?

Wild garden

The wild garden is an advanced variant of the natural garden: here you almost don’t intervene at all and only plant some wildflower species at the beginning. Soon you will be fascinated to see how more and more wild plants, insects, bees, butterflies and other animals settle in your small nature reserve.

Wall garden

Little space in the tiny courtyard or on the balcony of the big city apartment? Create a vertical wall garden! You can buy prefabricated wall systems or create your own plant wall from Europlates, wine boxes or several rows of hanging flower pots. Especially recommended are plants that do not need so much water that you can leave your plant wall to yourself for a few days.

Front garden

The front garden is the visiting card of your house and should be maintained accordingly. Set a half-high hedge against the street. Avoid trees that do not allow light into your room and choose low shrubs and flowers instead. This way you can enjoy the daylight and your home will look much friendlier and brighter. A bench on the house wall is decorative and invites you to have a cosy chat with your neighbour.

These elements are also suitable for the design of your own garden

Plan your garden carefully on paper before you go to work, or use special gardening software. This allows you to make true-to-scale sketches and directly calculate what quantities of building materials are required.

Try different designs and always remember the wandering position of the sun. Or to your neighbours, who may not be happy if you want to replace the rich green conifer hedge with a stone wall. In addition to flowers, trees and other green plants, you should not forget other design aspects.

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