Steps To Keep A House Clean

Did I mention that there are about 3 million things I would rather do from household? Root canal treatment and having a child would only be two of them. In fact, I’d rather do anything in the world than clean and tidy and keep everything clean. But since living in a constant shithole would make me pretty obnoxious, that’s just what I have to do on a regular basis. Now I am a pragmatic person. What has to, that has to, but please shouldn’t make more effort than absolutely necessary. So I’m constantly working on the improvement of processes so that the tiresome topic is ticked off as quickly as possible and you have time for something more beautiful again. The basic idea is that if you manage to do a little bit every day and get rid of the little things, there won’t be so much left that it becomes a mammoth task. So what does such a routine look like at the moment? And why only optimally? Well, because life is simply life and there are just days or weeks when you don’t even get it and the inner life of the 4 walls looks faster than Dresden ’45 can be nice to you, but that’s ok, too. Because even then it helps to have habits in order to get the chaos back under control as soon as possible. In addition, small routines or habits should ensure that even in stressful times it does not derail completely. I have therefore put the following points ahead of my actual cleaning plan:

Steps to keep a house clean in the long run:

1. Everything needs a fixed place

If there’s no room, find one. If you don’t find one, you have too much stuff so miste out. Yes, it’s that simple. Not beautiful, but simple. It’s always the same things that fly around. Remote controls, pens, screwdrivers… And why do they fly around? Because they are things that are often used, but have no space, because stuff that is never used clog the drawers and cupboards. So my way to success is to clean up the field from behind. And from the very back. The part of the cupboards that hasn’t seen light for years. Once it’s empty, there’s also a regular place for Mom’s Phillips screwdriver outside the basement or garage.

2. Everything goes better with music and a timer

How corrosive it is to stand in a living room devastated by a toddler and know that you have to clean up for 40 minutes before you can even waste a thought on cleaning? If you finally have the room ready to clean, the mood is so bad that the cleaning no longer takes place. So part one has to be accelerated. Best so that it’s fun too. Here the children come into play (or a bottle of red wine and the partner/best friend). Whoever has filled the duplo box to the brim fastest gets a chocolate candy (or glass of red wine). Vacuuming suddenly becomes much more amusing when your eyes are blindfolded and the dwarves have to guide you to the dirt. They will have the fun of life… at least until the change of roles in the nursery, but hey, they always want you to spend more time with them…

3. Steps or half a minute more and finish it

The classic: Child wants a cheese sandwich, you take the last slice out of the packet, make the bread, four hours later the empty packet still lies on the kitchen block. After 8 hours it has tripled and after 12, the kitchen looks as if a horde of wild animals have ridden through. With 10 steps or half a minute more effort, the packaging would have found its way into the yellow bag and not even started the cycle. Contraception 2.0 so to speak: what is in the yellow bag does not multiply on worktops.

4. Don’t change rooms empty-handed

You need to use the bathroom? Take the nose drops from the living room back to the bathroom. You go to the fridge, take the stopped glass from the desk with you. Stuff has to go to the top floor? Put a basket on the stairs and when you go up, take the basket with you. If it is emptied with 10 steps or half a minute, do it immediately, if not turn it off and do it with the cleaning room of the upper floor. At best, there’s also a basket with things that have to go down at the top, so you won’t go down with empty hands again. Read more about house cleaning service in Singapore for more tips!

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